San Diego Land Use & Environmental Law Attorney

San Diego Land Use & Environmental Law Attorney

Land use and environmental laws in the state of California are complex. If you face issues related to land use, zoning, storm water, CEQA compliance, or site clean-up in San Diego County, you need a San Diego County Land Use & Environmental Law Attorney on your side to give you the best chance of accomplishing your goals.

Planning and Land Use

Land Use includes any issues that touch and concern land, including easements, encroachments, zoning, and sometimes trespass and nuisance. For developers, zoning and permitting are the foundation upon which everything else is built. Zoning regulations divide land into industrial, residential and commercial areas, and often reflect the history and values of local communities. It can change with politics, and in California more than any other state, requires actively engaging local to minimize obstructions to projects. Land use lawyers often represent zoning applicants, which may include individual landowners, multinational corporations and real estate developers. These attorneys may also work with individuals and organizations who want to avoid land use problems when buying or developing real estate.

In many cases, these issues can all be handled outside of court through a settlement that meets the needs of local interest groups, project proponents, and potentially impacted third parties. However, sometimes litigation to protect a client’s rights and interests is necessary. In such cases, an experienced Land Use & Environmental Law Attorney in San Diego County can help you develop strong arguments to maximize your chances of success.

Environmental Law, CEQA, and Water Quality

Damage to the natural environment can last for generations, so protecting these resources is essential. Environmental lawyers help clients stand up for the environment and prevent unnecessary damage. Adrian LeCesne has experience with cases involving natural resources, energy and utilities at two national law firms. He also has a deep understanding of all relevant environmental laws, including CEQA, ESA, the Subdivision Map Act and the Coastal Act, as well as experience with industrial storm water permit issues. In addition, Adrian LeCesne is well versed in wind, water and solar project rates and siting issues.

Permits and Compliance

Navigating the sea of modern regulations can be daunting. Completing project authorization involves persistence, organization, and understanding how institutions interact.

Adrian LeCesne will help you make your vision into a reality by carefully analyzing what you are required to do, explaining your options and risks, and working with you each step of the way to bring your project to completion.

At the heart of Adrian LeCesne’s permitting and compliance practice is effective communication. It begins with listening to you and your needs, to regulators and their expectations, and to the community interacting with the project. It ends with perseverance and your project moving forward.

Adrian has worked with municipalities in half a dozen states, including California, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Illinois; as well as state and federal agencies like the California Coastal Commission, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, and the San Diego County Water Authority. He has a deep understanding of the California Environmental Quality Act, the Subdivision Map Act, and the mechanics of “getting it done”.

Whether you’re developing your personal residence or a multi-million dollar industrial site, Adrian LeCesne can help you achieve your goals.

Hiring a Land Use & Environmental Law Attorney

A Land Use & Environmental Law Attorney like Adrian LeCesne can assist clients with a wide variety of issues, from zoning applications and litigation to stopping projects that are detrimental to the environment. Adrian LeCesne can also help small businesses and developers come into compliance with local and state rules, get permits and entitlements or defend themselves from notices of intent, especially for clean water act or CEQA issues.

If you are dealing with any issue related to land use or environmental law, you can make an appointment with an experienced San Diego County attorney by contacting the Law Office of Adrian LeCesne.

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