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Adrian LeCesne is an experienced Immigration and Natural Resources attorney with offices in Westport Massachusetts and San Diego California. He focuses practice on Immigration & Removal Defense (All U.S. States); Land Use & Environmental Law (California only); and Civil Litigation (California only). He offers affordable rates and innovative solutions to help his clients accomplish all of their goals.

Land Use & Environmental Law

As a Land Use and Environmental Law Attorney, Adrian LeCesne believes in understanding his clients’ rights and personal beliefs as landowners.

He has protected municipal entities from lawsuits; helped small to medium sized industrial clients comply with environmental laws and avoid excessive penalties; obtained entitlements for developers of all sizes in California and the Midwest; and resolved complex site related issues including boundary and easement disputes and soil contamination claims.

He is also a dedicated environmentalist, and is proud to stand beside clients in cases involving the protection of natural resources and other environmental law issues. Adrian LeCesne is an expert in using the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the Coastal Act, and the Endangered Species Act, among others, to make sure that projects and developments do not ruin the natural beauty and quality of life throughout the state of California.

Immigration & Removal Defense

Immigration law is complex, and can touch your life directly and deeply.

Adrian LeCesne understands the complexity of United States immigration laws and will to be your resource in what is otherwise a very confusing process.

If you or loved one who wants to come to the United States, he will help you select the right visa or green card option, complete all of the necessary paperwork, and fulfill all legal requirements.

Adrian LeCesne is experienced with cases involving a deportation and removal from the United States. His knowledge of Asylum Law, the requirements for seeking Withholding of Removal, and experience with the Immigration Court could be the difference between remaining in the United States and being forced to return to a country which is unsafe for you and your children. In these cases, he does everything in his power to stop or delay the deportation proceedings so the client can remain in the country and will give you easy to understand explanations of what is happening and what you are required to do. He also takes on cases that involve Rodríguez Bond Hearings for people in detention at the Otay Mesa detention facility.

Civil Litigation Services

As a civil litigation attorney, Adrian LeCesne provides diverse services to clients in cases including business and contract disputes, Home Owners Association (HOA) litigation, insurance recovery, landlord-tenant disputes (including flooding and mold), professional defamation, wrongful termination, and more.

Adrian LeCesne works hard to help you settle the issue outside of court; but if litigation is required, will fight aggressively on your behalf. He will make sure you understand your position and the law as it applies every step of the way so that you and your rights are protected.

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As an immigration and environmental law attorney, Adrian LeCesne provides legal service that is affordable, collaborative, and flexible.

He keeps rates low by looking for creative solutions to your problems, and is a firm believer in justice and human dignity. You can count on him to provide you with individualized attention regardless of the nature of your case.

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